Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SensiGirl's Word Volcano

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SensiGirl is hyperlexic. She has been able to read well since the age of two or so.  It has been quite handy when she wasn't able to talk or having a meltdown and then have the written word to show her to reassure her of what was going to happen next.  The verbal words are starting to flow a bit more easily now, and the print reassurance isn't always needed for backup.
Lately she has been talking more, and using words and phrases I didn't realize she picked up. These are not the canned phrases from watching TV or her iPad. These are conversational phrases that her brother, dad and I use. She uses words like concerned, drowsy, and whole phrases like "It's almost time for lunch." She is surprising me almost every day now.
I was shocked the other day when she announced to me while sitting on the sofa, "I'm bored." I was speechless. It only makes sense, really, Random Guy must tell me that about 5 times a day.

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She gets to tell me and her teachers how she is feeling and why, not just "I'm angry!" but
                  " I'm angry..."
                  "About what?"
                   "Mr. Greg"
                   "That he's not here?"
See, a conversation! There is a bit a intuitiveness going on with all the adults in her life as to what will come next in the conversation, but she has that give and take going.  She is also learning about intuiting what comes next and how to respond to those expected exchanges. She is starting to use more word combinations and grammar.
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I told SensiGirl's Speech Language Pathologist about it and she said she's having a vocabulary volcano. It's her own term since she refrains from calling it a language burst. In typical development, a language burst happens any where from 24 to 36 months. It goes along with a whole host of other developmental milestones. Since SensiGirl has some "splinter skills," and has been anything buy typical in her development I am exited, not dismayed to hear that she has finally reached this milestone. Ms. Speech says that when she has used the term language burst, the parents would Google it and call her back upset that their child is just now reaching this stage of language development.  I look at it like she now is getting comfortable with putting words to her drawings and conversations to her thoughts. It is an exciting time.


  1. So excited to hear this! Go girl go!

  2. That's really exciting, Lori! I remember when this happened to my son too, I could see the anxiety melt away with every new burst of language. I can only imagine the huge relief it must have been for him to finally feel understood. Yay!

  3. Thanks for the comments, it is really an exciting time. Even her summer cold is not slowing her down with all the words. Yay for SensiGirl!
    @Bec, thanks for letting me know this happened this way with your son. It's nice to know that she and I are not the only ones who have had this type of experience.

  4. I'm so excited for SensiGirl! I meant to comment last night but "someone" was monopolizing my time...

    I love when these bursts of progress occur all at once. It's so exciting. And using those words sure helps reduce the frustration level! :)

  5. @Karen, it does reduce the frustration level, not the screaming level though. That's just for fun now. ;)