Monday, May 21, 2012

iPad Apps for Preteens and Young Teens

Here are several apps for older kids and young teens.

Apps for media savvy and bullying:
There are quite a few Professor Garfield apps on topics such as online safety, cyberbullying, fact analysis and forms of media.  If your kid likes comic strips it is a good way to present the information. Here are two of them

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Professor Garfield, Fact or Opinion, for older kids to get the concept of opinion presented as fact
Professor Garfield, Cyberbullying

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Bully Shield, provides research based solutions and concrete steps for the child being bullied.

Apps for making math fun:
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Algebra Explained, several apps, there is a lite version available for free

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Symmetry Shuffle,  game for the detail oriented mind, encourages higher order thinking.

An App for proper use of English phrases
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Phrase Wit, helps with tricky turns of phrase.

History apps:
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American Presidents for iPad, makes history visual for those visual learners.

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Video Time Machine, use your iPad to time travel to video clips, for older teens as there is some graphic content, such as found on YouTube or broadcast TV.

And here are a couple that are just for fun:
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Vidrhythm, make your own video music

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Style Studio Fashion Designer,  make your own fashions. Check your restrictions so it doesn't connect to YouTube or email if that is your preference.

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Smart Apps for Kids


  1. I am neither pre-teen nor teen but I need Phrase Wit! Toots will love the president's app and the symmetry one. You always have the greatest links for the apps! Thanks Lori! :)

  2. I agree, great links. Thanks! I'll bookmark this so I can get around to checking them out sometime, seems my growing list of potential apps is outpacing my amount of free time :)