Monday, May 14, 2012

What's in the App Basket?

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Here are some of the latest apps I discovered for speech and cognitive development. I also included one for fine motor development. I found most of them in my quest for the perfect sequencing/storytelling app and looking for following directions apps. As usual all apps are within the general app price of .99 to 3.99 unless otherwise noted.  *Plus* how to Update your iPad,

i See-quence sequencing apps to tell about your day, or to relate social stories,  requires an  iOS 4.3 or later

Chalk Walk- helps develop pincer grasp,  requires an  iOS 5

Comic strip app for creating your own social stories

Easy Concepts, helps develop skills in following verbal two and three step directions and knowledge of basic concepts. This one is priced at $4.99,  requires an  iOS 4.3

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My latest find on our storytelling and direction following quest is Hamaguchi  apps for Speech Language and Auditory Development  all cost .99 for the lite version and $9.99 for the full version
Fun with Directions, this one caused some upset at our house since it was too much like school.
First Phrases,  requires an  iOS 4.3
Picture the Sentence, requires an  iOS 4.3

If you are like me the process of updating software is about as desirable as bamboo under your fingernails. I figured the latest iOS update release was before Thanksgiving, it was safe to do by now.  I am  tired of the damn thing telling me an app requires an  iOS 4.3.  If I want to get SensiGirl some of the sentence and sequencing apps, I have to have a current version of the iPad iOS.  As I am only mildly tech adept, I don't do this often enough. Here are links explaining how to deal with errors I had updating my iPad device. Make sure you disable your anti-spyware/anti-virus ware before you try to update. Hint,  before upgrading your iOS, sync your device yourself. Once synced, then you can download your update. I had some trouble with errors and restores and such, but as you can see most apps are written for the second most or most current version of the iPad Operating System, so an upgrade is a must.
Read the links to the end of discussion to make sure you have the right answer. Sometimes the "best answer" isn't really the solution.

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  1. I looked at all your suggestions. I love that you link them so easily. It really saves time and gives the full picture. I like the Comic Strip one for easy social stories and the last one - Picture the Sentence. I think my son can get benefit out of both of these! Thanks for a great post, Lori!

  2. You are welcome. Let me know if you find any other helpful apps. I love discovering new ones almost as much as SensiGirl.