Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Tide Is Out: Summertime

I have both kids home being home schooled instead of summer school. I am having some trouble getting the routine established with SensiGirl as she is not being cooperative about school type activities. She has also taken up these irritating vocalizations she picked up from somewhere. It is a high pitched fake baby crying/cooing sound, "Whahahaha, whahahaha, woohoohoo, oow, ooooh, ooh.

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I usually can ignore these kinds of things because I know if I ignore it that it will eventually go away. The baby sounds bother me because it is as if she wants to act like a baby again, after all the progress we made this year. It makes me irritated and want to cry all at the same time.
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Random Guy has been using SensiGirl's iPad to surf the net in his room upstairs. I haven't liked this situation, but I had to deal with it last night after turning on Safari and finding a weird fetish site cued up.  My husband and I erased the history so it wouldn't be easy to return there, but Random Guy knows how to use Google.  I am pretty sure at his age; he made a mistake typing in the address of one of his Lego brick sites and got the weirdo site. It was bothering me, enough that I couldn't sleep last night, so I changed the pass code for the restrictions so he couldn't use the internet without me knowing. I told Random Guy not to take the iPad this morning since I changed the code. I didn't want him trying passwords and locking it up. That is exactly what happened this morning. I had forgotten that I added using the pass code to just open up the iPad not only for changing restrictions. I am still waiting to use the new pass code to open up the iPad.
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When Random Guy then refused to go to his new yoga class, I lost my patience. I turned into that crabby yelling mom I hate. I give myself props for explaining why I am mad and for coming up with appropriate consequences for not going and decent rewards for going and being able to follow through.
I then took Random Guy to yoga. He wanted me to stay for the whole class and I had SensiGirl with me. Ms. Katie asked if Sensi and I would like to stay, we did, Ms. Katie and the other girls in class were great. Random Guy gave his class 7 out of 10 and said he would go again if his sister didn't have to come. I can totally understand him wanting something for his own. I am glad that Ms. Katie gets both Random Guy and SensiGirl.

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I still am feeling like a crab though, I gave up today and the kids are watching PBSkids and I am writing my blog rather than having a school session as planned. I gave up that idea as soon as we got home and the lunch I bought them as the reward wasn't eaten. Rather than harp about it I made grilled cheese for us. I am so tired that I left the pan on the lit burner for the whole time we were were eating out sandwiches. I have said before that if I don't get enough sleep the tide is out for me and I can only see the crap that surrounds me. I warned the kids this afternoon that I was going to be off the clock and not helping anyone with anything after nine o'clock. Smart kids...they agreed.


  1. Oh my goodness! Sounds like clear overload for anyone! As I read this, I was thinking how human your reactions were - but I heard a little bit of a disappointed person looking for perfection in motherhood? Surely, you are being too hard on yourself. I don't believe that photo of the crustacean even slightly resembles you! ;)

    I would lock down the iPad too - and install some "child-proofing" software anywhere there is access - just to be safe... This thought has crossed my mind now and then but the little guy is (hopefully) too young for this to be a real concern for me yet. Someday though...

    Remember telling me to set aside some time for myself? Consider this my turn... Yoga for them? Yoga for you - alone. :)

  2. Hope that tide comes in for you soon Lori. Some days everything looks like sand around you... then just when you're not expecting it you'll have a day where everything goes right. Try to enjoy time out from school struggles now that you're all at home, and don't pressure yourself too much to have the perfect summer school day. I don't think it exists anyway :)

  3. Oh and I had the same trouble with my son re: locking out of the iPad by trying to punch in too many passcodes. Once I explained that it would break the iPad if he did that, and that he could just come and let me know if he wanted to use the internet (out on the kitchen table where I could see) then he was fine with it.

  4. Thanks for your comments. It makes me feel so much better so know that someone understands the frustration. Yoga for me would be great if I had someone to watch the kids. Sadly right now it is not in the cards. Next month...maybe.
    We didn't even make it to nine o'clock last night, 7 o'clock for SensiGirl the screamer and 8 for angry Random Guy. I also realize there is no perfect summer school day. I am just going to have to roll with it. It's harder for me to be flexible when I am overtired. Yes, I am a perfectionist, I work hard not to be almost every day. Thanks for the support.

  5. @Karen - I am having technical difficulties, as Random Guy would say. I didn't get your other comment posted. I am going to do a post about the AIT auditory integration therapy after we are done with it. But here is a
    It is still not proven medically, but it qualifies as an occupational therapy intervention. The only reason why we are doing the intensive therapy is because we got some benefit from the listening therapy at OT. Sensi is very sensitive to noise and always has been so I figure
    it is worth a shot and they will use our data for research too. Not everyone believes this is a valid therapy. I will let you know how it turns out.
    Lori G.

    1. I was thinking that might be it! I've heard of it too, just as you described. I look forward to the post!