Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Four Months Post AIT

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There has been little to report about Sensi's progress from AIT. She is still struggling a bit with her toileting issues, but she is still making progress with her speech, although not as fast as she was. She is also continuing to improve in her motor planning when she does mazes and puzzles. I have noticed that she is jumping on her trampoline less, I am not sure what that is about, just that it is new. Her therapists outside of school report that she has been better at listening and responding, they don't have to repeat things as often for her, just wait for her response. Waiting for the response can be a challenge for all of us. Those 5 or so seconds of hang time are hard sometimes.
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 She is liking playing with her brother's Legos more and more, she especially likes the mini figures. They have been playing with Legos together more often.  She is also liking Thomas the train, so Random Guy pulled out all his old trains for her and they have been playing together with that too. Her speech is more spontaneous and conversational than it was. Just the other morning when she was having trouble waking up, she said "Daddy, go away." She also has been saying no, and meaning no more often. 

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Lunch is not as much of an issue since she is taking her lunch in the classroom most of the time. There is another student who was having trouble in the lunchroom, so they decided to have them both eat their lunch in in their classroom. Sensi has pretty much been eating her lunch since that change, even when she has to eat in the lunchroom when they are short staffed. So really, what we found out is the lunchroom was causing sensory overload for her and she didn't want to eat in that environment on a regular basis. That goes back to looking at the sensory triggers for mysterious behaviors; we had to be sensory detectives. She has no trouble eating lunch in the quiet confines of her classroom, but put her in a room with a hundred or more other students and she turns her back and wants nothing to do with eating lunch.

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 In general there has been less anxiety for her at school. There have been lots of last minute changes to the regular routine since they are practicing for the winter concert coming up next week. She has taken changes in her routine in stride. The last month or so has brought less crying and screaming. Unfortunately this new found mellowness has a downside. She has needed more prompts to pay attention to follow directions due to absorbtion in her own world. So she is able to tune out the things in the environment that were bothering her, but she is also able to tune out the teacher. 
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 She is making progress in her usual Sensi way. She makes gains in some areas and she has trouble in others. She is doing better at her outside therapies, but she isn't doing as well in school. She has never taken the straight path in her progress, but there is almost always progress. As we move further from the AIT therapy sessions, it becomes more difficult to sort out what is from that therapy, what is progress from our other therapies and what is just part of her normal development. I'm just happy with any progress that she wants to make. 


  1. All these factual bits in light of the AIT therapy, are so interesting to me. I too, wonder how much is related to that versus natural progression... I wonder if the decrease in the trampoline time is tied to her need to block things out (related to the routine disruption) instead of processing them through.

    I'm glad to hear she is playing Legos with her brother! That's great!

    Toots has a lot of trouble during this holiday season. He is all over the place with rampant echolalia, resurrecting past stims and obsessions, yelling - all the while making academic progress in reading comprehension and writing.

    When you mentioned the bit about Sensi being able to eat in the quiet classroom over the lunch room, I was thrilled for her and fascinated by the ties our kids will make between things. It does seem we're always detective parents aren't we? It's always good though, when we can actually solve a mystery or two! ;)

  2. The holidays are hard for us too, but not usually until the tree is up and school is out. I haven't put the tree up yet. :) Grandmas house for Christmas is the hardest because of all the people there coming and going and the randomness of it all. We usually take separate cars so Sensi and I can leave early if we need to.