Friday, October 19, 2012

Post AIT - Two Months

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I was talking to Sensi's Occupational Therapist (OT) and we were discussing Sensi's presence in her surroundings. It has become apparent that she is "here" more often then checked out and in her head. She is paying more attention to what others are saying and responding to it. She was trying to fasten her shoe and someone said something about her having a hard time doing that, she replied "I'm learning..."  She also has been saving up things she wants to say to use at an appropriate time, and is finding those moments more and more. 
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One windy day we were outside waiting for the bus.  We agreed on blowing bubbles while we were waiting. The bubbles blew up and away, fast and furious. She came up to me, looked at me and the bubble bottle and said "Jeepers, that's a lot of fun!" The "Jeepers" comes from her Franny's Feet show, but she used it at the right time and gave it the right emphasis and meaning.  I also find it interesting that the day after her school teacher and I were discussing where her iPad cover could have gone, it appeared suddenly in her bedroom.  All these things could have happened on their own as part of her normal development, but it really does seem, even if it is because of expectations being met that she is continuing to make progress.
She has still been having some issues with toileting. She had been dry at night for the most part since this summer.  Now she is only dry about 50% of the time. I am not sure what is causing this, but it is something I have noticed. 
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Her other quirk that has had some odd results is she has been plugging her ears with her fingers to keep the noise out. Several weeks ago she added wetting her fingers in her mouth and then putting her fingers in her ears to keep the sound out. The sensitivity to noise is something I expected and accepted. The giving herself wet willies all the time, not so much. She has had one ear infection and I had to take her to Urgent Care last weekend for ear pain. She had a plug of wax the size of a pencil eraser blocking her ear canal. I talked with her OT about writing a social story for her to have at Theraplay, home and school about not sticking her fingers in her ears. 

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She is still snubbing her lunch for the most part. But apparently she is three for three with the chicken drumstick meal. I have taken to keeping the big carton of goldfish and some breakfast bars in the car for after school snacks when I pick her up for her therapies. She is still 97% in height and 95% in weight, so I am not terribly concerned about her missing a few meals. She will eventually adjust to school lunch again and we will forget all about her snubbing her food at school.  She is doing better and better, and that is all I have been hoping for.


  1. I"m so excited at all this progress for SensiGirl! I love that she said "I'm learning" in response to the shoe-tying incident. That chicken meal looks good to me too! The iPad thing sounds just like she is absorbing and even though she might not say things, she knows. You are really encouraging me to try this AIT... maybe this summer. Yay for SensiGirl! And thanks for sharing, Lori. :)

    1. I am excited for her too. AIT is not for the faint of heart, it is going to the therapy office 2 times a day, for 2 weeks. If you have one close, no problem, ours was 1/2 hour away. 2 hours of driving per day M-F for two weeks. It was worth it though. Now we just have to get the wet willy thing under control and we will be in a good spot.