Monday, November 26, 2012

Decoding Comprehension: Info and Apps

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After Sensi's school conference, we agreed that we are going to need to work hard on Sensi's paraphrasing skills. Sensi's Speech Therapist explained to me how this all works. Sensi can decode words and read aloud above her grade level, but she has trouble retelling the story since (we think) she feels that she has to retell a story verbatim rather than in her own words. It is important you drop the reading level below 1-2 levels below decoding level when using this approach.
The way to do this is working with simple sentence stories: Tommy went to the grocery store on Saturday to buy some milk. 
Now to paraphrase using "wh" questions...

Who went to the store?
What did Tommy do on Saturday? 
When did Tommy go to the store?
Where did Tommy go on Saturday?
Why did Tommy go to the store?

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Of course there are apps for this, but it can be done just as easily with pencil and paper as long as you follow the form.  Person did something on a certain day at a certain place to do a task. Sally went to the post office yesterday to mail her party invitations. Right now we are doing this with the book "Olivia Counts Down To Christmas."

You can find apps for this at the Super Duper Publications App Store, here are a few: 
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Super Duper StoryMaker: There are free and paid versions

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Wh Questions Cards: Who, what, why, where, what. 

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Sensi's teacher also found a story telling app, StoryBuddy : 

Also there are apps based on the six stages of language development from PRC App lab, here is a link to their page explaining the concept, 
The ones I will be getting for Sensi are: 

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Direct Phrases: Have fun directing activities. 

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-ing words and Prepositions: Helps with forming complete sentences and the use of prepositions.

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Simple Sentences: Building on the -ing words app, encourages more complete grammatical sentences.

We have lots of work to do, but it can be creative and fun too. I hope you have fun with your story telling and "wh" questions with your own kids.


  1. Oh my gosh!! This is a perfect post and awesome resources for Toots! I love you for this one! Tweeted and will be trying these great ideas. What a wonderful thing to share. Thanks Lori!

  2. Thanks for the love. I am glad you found the time to check out the post. Have fun with it.