Monday, April 9, 2012

Sensory Apps and More

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Sensory Apps
Here are some more apps for sensory experiences for your kids. I have noted when the app is more expensive than the usual .99 cents to 3.99. I have also noted when they are free. Some of these apps are soothing, some stimulating, but all are good for sensory input and interaction from the iPad.

Magic Pictures HD - Living Pictures
Beautiful interactive landscape and still life pictures with nature sounds

Bringing images and music together. Bloom is a musical composition instrument and art work tool.

Stimulating with fireworks and sound effects. Choose from 15 venues to view your show.

Sound Drop - free
Science, math and sound to create music

Pocket Pond -free
Interact with the fish and water in the pond, nature sound effects

Relaxing Melodies - free
46 ambient sounds helpful for relaxation

Little Lily's Touch Book
A highly rated message story book about a girl with sensory issues.

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Other  helpful apps

Book creator can be used to make social stories
Book creator 4.99

Felt board
You and your child can create characters and make stories using the felt board figures and settings, (without worrying where the felt figures wandered off to.)

Rainbow Sentences 7.99 (only for 4.3 or later version of the iPad, I haven't updated lately, so I couldn't try it.)
Helps kids combine words in the right order to create sentences, if your child is a system based learner, this may help with reading and language acquisition.

Brain Pop - free featured movie,
Explorer subscription 1.99/month for featured movies and quiz, plus 4 related movies and quizzes rotating every day.
Full access subscription 6.99/month, unlimited access to 750 movies and quizzes.
An all around education app with science, engineering and tech, math, social studies, English, health, and art and music.

Visual Schedule Planner 14.99
Fully customizable visual representation of schedules for the day, week, month. Includes a timer and a checklist function.

If you have any apps that really impressed you sensory-wise or found really helpful for you special needs kids, please share so we can all give it a try.

A special thanks to OT with Apps for pocket pond and relaxing melodies
Thanks to Apps for Children with Special Needs for Rainbow Sentences


  1. I'm excited to try the Felt Creations storytelling as a way to gain comprehension! That looks awesome! Thanks for these great links, Lori! Weird as it seems, my son found the fish pond on his own and downloaded it (without my knowledge!) sometime before last week! It is a very cool app though. I want to download it for myself (it must work on the iPhone, yes?)

  2. I always make sure my restriction settings are off to keep SensiGirl from downloading things. If he likes Felt Creations he might like Puppet Pals too. My kids are loving the storytelling/recording aspect of it and it is getting SensiGirl to talk a bit more too. Have fun!

  3. You have every useful info Miss Lori
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