Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mom's iPad Info Meeting: Part 2

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This is part two of the discussion I had with SensiGirl's teacher and some other moms of the children in her class.  We had a discussion about apps that we found helpful for our kids. Things we liked and things that we would like to see, as well as some apps that had to go to the delete pile.

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Emotion and Feeling apps:

Electric Company: Feel Electric!
 Moody Monster Manor
iTouchLearn Feelings

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Music apps:

My First Songs

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Story book apps:

MeeGenius books, this library platform is free, the books cost  99 cents to $ 2.99!-kids-books

Ibooks: One of the moms liked this app. The reviews since the last update aren't so good. Hopefully the bugs have been worked out.

Our local library has a device resource center to download books for free, I haven't tried it yet:

My stories ,create your own social story or story book

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Telling Time apps:

Interactive Telling Time

Telling Time Free

Monkey Time

Visual Timer, it costs less than the Time Timer app

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Other favorites:

Red Fish/ Poisson Rouge:
moderately expensive app, $9.99, test it for free online, press play to try it ( middle left above the red fish.)

Puppet Pals, (Director's Pass 2.99)

My Play Home - Dollhouse app

An app I could live without is the emotions app, Autism Xpress, that only has 12 emotions and uses a kind of emoticon animation with sound. It wasn't very helpful and it turned into a noise maker rather that a learning app.
Twinkle twinkle storybook piano wasn't very helpful either since it only teaches one tune. If your child is not interested in that tune, there won't be much music learning going on.

Again, a special thanks to SensiGirl's teacher and Ms. Liz and Ms. Marjorie for all the great info.

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