Monday, March 19, 2012

Girls' Club

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I am thankful for SensiGirl's autism program at her school.  The teachers there really do get it about these kids.  I was wonderfully surprised by how well they get it when I arrived one Monday last fall. I was picking up SensiGirl for speech therapy and was told she was with the Girls' Club across the hall. I open up the door to see all the girls from the program having a tea party and making necklaces from fruit loops.  They were all chatting and the older girls were anxious to tell me things about SensiGirl.  Apparently, there are only about eight girls in the whole K-6 program and it was decided to give them a little extra social girls time together once a week The girls seem to really love it. It was a nice little extra I didn't know about when I had her placed at her school.

As I am finding out there are a lot of little extra things all her teachers do for the kids. As the kids grow and change, the teachers are chasing their moving targets to get the most out of school for the students. So even though I cried last spring when I was told that SensiGirl was to go to a federal setting 3 placement, (apart from regular education classroom more than 60% of the time,) it really has turned out to be the right place for SensiGirl to start school.  She has to security of the small class (11 kids,) and a room set up for kids with sensory issues. She goes into the regular education kindergarten class for writing skills. Since she loves to write and draw, it's a great way to get her used to the regular education classroom.

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So even though SensiGirl doesn't seem to care much about social stuff right now, she is still learning how to play with other girls, seeing other girls doing girl things and knowing what that is like.  When she does care, she will have had some help finding and keeping friends. How cool is that? It is nice to see how the other girls look out for my SensiGirl instead of tearing her down as I hear they do in regular education settings.   I am thankful for Girls' Club and the Speech and OT teachers who came up with a really excellent idea.

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