Friday, March 23, 2012

The Mom's iPad Info Meeting: Part One

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Some moms from SensiGirl's class got together with her teacher to help with a grant the teacher was writing to get iPads for her classroom. We had lots of information about apps to share so here is part one of our findings.

For communication apps we had some new information, besides Proloquo2Go there are two more apps, they are all expensive, so choose carefully:


Sono Flex


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We also discussed social stories and came to the conclusion that you really need to make your own stories for some situations. Here are the apps:


Potty Training Social Story

Model Me Going Places

First Then Visual Schedule, great for making a social story yourself

Pictello, also good for building social stories

My Stories, I haven't tested this one:

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Language and Sequencing apps:

Sequencing with Milo

Cookie, Cake and Candy Doodle, they all have recipes to follow in a sequence

Speech with Milo: Verbs

Question Builder

Sentence Builder: This one is more difficult

Language Builder:

There are a few more "Builder" apps, I haven't checked them all yet.

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Math and Money apps:
Coin Math

Make Change

Jungle Coins

AWEsum! Like Tetris with numbers!

Monkey Math School Sunshine

Park Math

Motion Math: Hungry Fish

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AppShopper has a price drop button to check periodically as well as all things apps.

We agreed that Talking Ben and Talking Tom are not good apps for our children with language learning delays. We had to delete those apps. Our children just ended up screaming at it to hear themselves scream.

A special thanks to SensiGirl's teacher and Ms. Liz and Ms. Marjorie for all the great info.

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