Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sleepless - The Tide Is Out

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I think we can all agree that once you have children you almost never get enough sleep. Either they keep you up by being up themselves or keep you up with worry.  I thought I had a good handle on things lately, but short me some sleep and the tide goes out and all I can see is all the crap on the beach.

SensiGirl was at the speech therapist yesterday and I made the mistake of asking where SensiGirl stood age wise with the speech skills. I was told she is still at 2 years old. Her sticking point is "Wh" questions. A two year old should be able to answer those questions, SensiGirl doesn't very often. She can answer to "What season is that episode?" when she wants to watch something on Netflix, but she won't answer "wh" questions for the teachers or therapists who assess her. Her therapist did say SensiGirl has made some gains that aren't measurable, such as increased spontaneous speech and her vocabulary are stellar.

Also SensiGirl hasn't been sleeping regularly since she started the latest EASe listening CD. Last night she was having her own party at 4:30. I can't sleep when I hear her do that, so I was up until she fell back asleep at 6:30.  I wonder why she wakes up at night so often, although usually I am not worried because she is happy when she is awake in her room, singing and chatting to herself.

 While I was up listening to her, I was thinking about should we have her see an audiologist, how are we going to pay for therapeutic music therapy, should I  have her see a neurologist and get an EEG to test for seizures.  I know of a couple of kids who have been diagnosed with seizure disorder apart from their autism diagnosis. They seem to be doing much better; they are making great progress with speech and language processing.  I will broach the subject the SensiGirl's doctor the next time we go in, or call for a referral.  I think it is like the allergy tests we did when she kept breaking out in rashes when she was a baby.  We ruled out that it was anything she or I was eating, so we could drop the subject of diets and move on from there. If we get an EEG and it comes back normal, we will proceed as we have been.

There are a million things to worry about with a typical child, and a million and one with a neurodiverse child. I didn't post the other day because the tide was out and I had to just take care of myself and my family that day. Once I get some sleep I am sure that I will be back in the swim of things.
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  1. You are right about sleep being different once you have kids. I swear if my kids make one noise at night I still wake up and listen for more! Hope you get more rest...

  2. So glad you have an awareness about the potential of absence (nighttime) seizures and that you are considering the EEG. It has made a world of difference to my son. Ruling it out will give you peace too. I cannot understand why doctors are so averse to such a simple diagnostic tool that can mean the world to our kids!

    Sleep is so important to us parents! I know how you feel. I hope you and Sensi girl are getting some zzz's and feeling much better.