Friday, March 16, 2012

Sensory Saturday: Our Latest

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These weird looking things are head massagers. They are kind of fun. It feels better if you do it to yourself than to have someone use it on you.  SensiGirl keeps it on her desk and uses it when she is reading. This is the latest we have tried in sensory gagets and tool. We also tried at the same time this:
The brush massager has turned into a noisemaker and a toy.  SensiGirl doesn't like it when I try to use it on her at home, so I let that one go.  It will probably be donated to the Occupational Therapists' office, she lets them use it with her there. I know that you can get just the all white brush attachment part from the dollar store as well as lots of other sensory toys.  It seems to me that the occupational therapist at school go shopping for supplies at the dollar store quite a bit.
Another thing to pick up at the dollar store is shaving cream. She gets to get all slimy and then smells clean afterwards too! This one is always a favorite of  my SensiGirl:
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  1. These are great options. I've heard of the brushing and shaving cream ideas but the head massager is odd looking. Hope it helps.
    Lori BW