Monday, March 12, 2012

What I Learned From Our Tutor

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We have learned a lot from our Family Friend Grad Student. I am grateful every time she comes over to work with SensiGirl. She has been an eye opener to me about the current state of teacher education. She was told that she was wasting her time getting two degrees by her advisor. She is getting a degree in Early Childhood Education and one in Special Education. When she visits different educational settings, she is told a different story that makes her believe she is on the right track. She watched a boy come in the other day to Montessori school. She saw how he behaved and asked some questions about how he socializes and started to figure out that the boy might need some extra help. She wouldn't know what that boy needed help with or how to help if she hadn't been training in special education along with her early childhood training.
When I introduce and teach Random Guy's teachers about him each year I wish for one with some experience with autism or at the very least IEP's and special education.  It doesn't happen very often. Either it is the teachers weren't taught or they don't want to learn about special education and what kinds of things they can do to help Random Guy in class.

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I wish all general education teachers received some training in special education, mainstreaming and inclusion I know that teachers have to have continuing education credits to maintain their certification, my question is what are they doing to earn those credits? I am not seeing much in the way of understanding how to teach my child. When I looked at the professional development websites for credits for license renewal I saw very few containing topics that apply towards special education, even though most classrooms contain at least a few students with an IEP or a 504. In a quick check online at the offerings to certification credits in my area, only 10% are offered in the area of inclusion and teaching children with differing abilities. This is not to say that there is no progress in this area, it's just that I am failing to see as much progress as I would like.  I see a young teacher raring to go to work with children like mine and I am sad to see her discouraged by her advisers.  I am glad she is going to be a teacher, the kids need someone like her.
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