Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's a Start

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Special education, advocacy and support are what this blog is about.  Being a mom with a girl with an ASD diagnosis  has changed things for me. I have found that being a mom of a child in special education is sometimes lonely.
You may have the love and support of your family and friends, but very few of us really know  from the start what to do to get what your child needs from school and the community.
 The moment of diagnosis changes your path in parenting.  You are now on a different track from your friends and neighbors and will have to find a way to navigate an unfamiliar path through to your child's adulthood. I am not there yet. My daughter just started kindergarten this year. I also have a son who has an IEP for ASD. He is mainstreamed in a 4th grade class now.
I have some experience, but I do not know it all. This is a place where we can share information and support each other. I will be posting various links and information that I have found helpful. My next post will most likely be about iPad apps that have worked for us. I will also post about IEPs, transitions, and what therapies we have had experience with so far.

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