Friday, February 10, 2012

Paper Monster Containment

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I have a paper problem. I am hesitant to throw away documents that at some point and time where important. My sister calls it my **it problem. It is one of the three or four things The Atomic Punk and I still have arguments about it.  I stack the papers in a pile on a shelf or a desk and keep adding to it until it becomes a problem and I have to find a place for it.

When you have a child in special ed. you get a lot of important papers. Your IEP is a legal document and you will probably have to refer to it a few times a year.  The problem becomes where to put all these papers.
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 When SensiGirl was first evaluated, her case worker gave me an expanding file folder to keep track of all the paperwork that was involved.  I went right out and got another one in a different color for Random Guy's stuff.  They have basic models for $6 at Walgreen's. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it is better if it is made of plastic to keep it sturdy. It helps if there is a slot for business cards too.
It is a place to put the copies of the evaluations, vaccination records, copies of birth certificates and the IEPs.  I take mine to every meeting I have with teachers or administrators at school.  I put all of the meeting paperwork in the folder as soon as I go to leave. This folder is also a place to keep examples of their work so that if anyone needs to see if they are capable of a certain skill, you could very well have an example of what they can do right there. Keep a notebook or paper tablet and some pens in there for good measure.
It is also a good place to keep copies of your Getting to Know letters, just in case your computer crashes, so you don't have to start from scratch. It can be a place for small keepsakes too, I keep the note I received from SensiGirl's preschool teacher after she completed preschool.  That thank you note helped me so much during her transition to Kindergarten.

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  1. This is an excellent idea. I wish I had employed in. Bob and and I are not paper people, but So much school & med stuff is paper based (still).