Saturday, February 4, 2012

We Have an App for That

SensiGirl has communication delays. In preschool they used a Dynavox communication device. We decided to get her an iPad to keep her communication device tied to her not the classroom. We have tried all kinds of apps. Some are helpful, some are fun and some have not really been that useful. We did get the Proloquo2Go communication app. I think I may write a whole entry on that one later.

  I have a couple of places that I go to find new apps for her iPad. Of course I go to the app store and do searches for autism, communication, social stories, language/speech acquisition and emotions/feelings.  My go-to outside of Apple resource is this site:

iPad Apps and Resources for people with Autism
This spreadsheet is compiled by a parent, an adult with autism and a speech language pathologist. They usually update it monthly.

Another place to look for apps is at Autism Speaks:

That being said, the latest apps we have been using are:

 Feel Electric from the Electric Company, lots of facial expressions and the feelings labeling them in this app.

Of course an iPad can't all be about therapies and autism apps. There has to be some fun and regular kid stuff too.  Shoe the Goose is a great company for fun family apps.

SensiGirl is an avid drawing artist so we have found a couple of drawing boards. She likes the absolute board the best; and its free!

I will periodically post what we have new on our iPad. Let me know if you have any suggestions too!

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